RICHSTONE delivers more than just apartment buildings – we strive to create the best in city living.

Smart thinking about how we design and build apartments helps foster a sense of belonging and community. Through our expertise in developing the best urban places, combining apartment buildings, retail and workplaces, we help people to live better within thriving, authentic urban places – and with work and play nearby.

We create the best city living

At RICHSTONE we believe city living should be about connecting people and place. That’s why we create apartments that bring people together through shared spaces, and why our cities are designed to be walkable and accessible. The places where people love to live in cities create a sense of ownership, pride and community.

Smart designs and quality are the hallmark of our apartments, which place a premium on natural light and materials, security, privacy and views. They are efficient in making the most of space and minimising waste.

Our apartments offer people living in cities long-term value and quality of life.

Expanded lifestyle

The best in city living offers increased amenities such as pools, shared barbeques, and dog parks. We consider all of this in our apartment building design and surrounds.

Feel part of a community

City living offers the opportunity to be part of a much larger community, increased accessibility and a thriving street life with unique retail experiences.

Everything at your fingertips

We give residents opportunity for social connection and the ability to walk to the things they need and to the places they enjoy.

Featured apartments

RICHSTONE designs apartments that foster connection between people and place. We create walkable, accessible city living in which people feel a sense of ownership, pride and community.

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